​Appointments for wigs, hairpieces & breast fittings are strongly recommended and will ensure that one of our certified breast fitters or licensed cosmetologists are available for your consultation/ fitting. Please be prompt so we have plenty of time to address all your needs.  Due to the time it requires to do a professional and complete fitting that you need. Arriving fifteen minutes late may require us to reschedule your appointment.. 

Naturally Yours

Full axillary coverage & compression

Targeted Mapped Compression

We offer fitting services for Compression Therapy garments for lymphedema or edema. Working in conjunction with the physical therapist and your physician to provide the best fir for your every need. 

Post Surgical & Active Recovery Bra and Binder

Overall compression for increased comfort & overall wearability 

Lifestyle & Recovery Wire-Free Bra

Lymphedema Compression Therapy Products & Fitting Services.